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Why are the Math Olympiads challenging? Here is why

Math with Confidence!

Vizivo wants your child to like Maths and be good at it. Using Vizivo, your child will deepen his understanding of Maths concepts and their application to real life situations. Regular practice on a wide variety of problems will equip him or her with skills for solving problems. Take the fear out of Maths and handle school (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE), the Olympiads (IMO, NIMO, NSTSE) and the future with confidence!

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Get Your Rewards!

When grown ups expect rewards for their work, why not children? Vizivo rewards your child's maths practice with VizBucks. More the practice, the better your child's performance and greater the VizBucks earned. VizBucks can be redeemed for tempting rewards such as pizza, ice-cream and more!

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