About Vizivo Learning

Vizivo is the creation of IITians and graduates from top US universities. We are top notch engineers, designers and educators. More importantly, we are parents who want the best education for our children. The motivation for Vizivo arose out of our own experience watching our children learn Math at school. Having worked at the cutting edge of science and technology, we were dismayed at the gap between the Math skills developed in our schools and those we have found as essential for success in our careers. It seemed like the math education system in India had completely missed out on the advances of the last few decades! We took matters in our own hands and Vizivo was born.

Vandana, Creator of Vizivo Math

       Vandana was building cool internet applications and user interfaces until one day she discovered something cooler - teaching math to young children. She believes that math is simple, fun and every child can be good at it with the right teaching. No wonder she created Vizivo math!

Manoj, Math Expert

       Manoj studied engineering at IIT Madras, Syracuse and Stanford and has been designing computer chips ever since. Through Vizivo he hopes to convey the fun of math and science to children.

Manjula, Business Guru

       Manjula is an MBA who has built and operated businesses large and small across the globe. She works as a leadership coach and business consultant. At Vizivo, she is the keeper of our business conscience.