Quality Math Practice

Vizivo wants your child to like Math and be good at it. We focus on primary school math because these skills are best taught early. Our courses are topic based and include practice tests along with review and instruction videos. Word problems and reasoning are a big part of the practice at Vizivo. Practice not only "drills it in", it also identifies gaps in concepts. Exposure to a wide variety of problems on each topic will build your child's confidence as well as problem solving skills. Our courses and exam specific packages are excellent preparation for school (CBSC, ICSE, IGCSE) as well as the Olympiads (IMO, NSTSE, IPM). We always have a free course for every grade, so sign up and try out!

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Why Teach Word Problems?

Word problems are a big part of the practice that your child will do at Vizivo. Word problems help your child develop a deeper understanding of Maths concepts and also support the key purpose of learning Maths - to apply it to real life situations. A challenging word problem can push the boundaries of your child's thinking!

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Why Teach Reasoning?

Reasoning is key to the understanding of Math. Through reasoning, students explore and discover connections between different parts of Math. Vizivo includes logical and open-ended problems that teach how to solve, not just how to calculate. Many of the competitive exams or aptitude tests that your child will face in the future emphasize reasoning rather than calculation.

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Practice makes Perfect!

The best way to master a topic is to practice it regularly. Vizivo uses timed practice as it builds focus and speed. It also helps with exams since they are timed too. When grown-ups need incentive for that extra bit of motivation (remember the office bonus you strive for?), why not children? Vizivo students earn VizBucks for their practice. The more they practice, the better they perform and greater the VizBucks earned. VizBucks can be redeemed for tempting rewards such as pizza, ice-cream and more!

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